Yes, My Accent is Real: And Some Other Things I Haven't Told You

“This is not a memoir. I’m not a president, or an astronaut, or a Kardashian. This is a collection of stories from my life.” Kunal Nayyar, better known as Raj Koothrappali from the hit sit com The Big Bang Theory, begins his “biography” this way. Although his role as the nerdy astrophysicist afflicted with selective mutism launched him to fame, he recounts personal moments in his life with only a sprinkling of his experiences on set thrown in here and there.

In the first chapter, we discover Kunal’s love for Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years and his subsequent disappointing first kiss. We are then taken on a journey of family traditions experienced in India and life-lessons taught to him by his father, including the importance of choosing one’s battles. Then, the setting changes and we follow Kunal to the United States for his college adventure.

During his undergraduate studies, he meets people from all walks of life. He falls in and out of love and gets his heartbroken many times as he attempts to land roles in the acting world. Throughout the telling of all of his escapades, Kunal maintains an air of humor and self-deprecation that keeps the audience entertained.

Funny and light-hearted, this book brings to light the struggles and benefits of merging two cultures. It gives us a look at the man behind the character of Rajesh Koothrappali. A must-read.