Down With the Shine

Lennie’s dad is an infamous robber who left her in a Chuck Cheese 11 years ago and then mysteriously disappeared. Now at 17, Lennie is dealing with the untimely death of her best friend. Throw in a couple of uncles who make a magic-wish-granting moonshine and a return from the dead of Lennie’s best friend and you have an interesting story. At first Lennie does not realize how special the moonshine is, so she makes a big “oops!” by supplying it at Michaela Gordon’s party of the year. Unfortunately, for these teens being drunk and making come-true wishes is pretty much a disaster! And let’s not forget to throw in a couple of bad guys/are they really that bad-bad guys?
It is a guarantee that you won’t want to put this book down and Quinn’s unique story-telling abilities will leave you begging for more. Quinn is a master at sarcasm. Lennie is a viable character, it’s hard not to feel for her. Quinn somehow masters humor, with some heartbreaking real life teen-angst. Of course, with any good YA novel, there is a super interesting love-interest subplot. Oh and a surprise ending that will leave you shaking your head but happy you read this book. The title suggests that either Lennie is “down” with Shine in a cool kind of way, or she’s over it. Read the book to find out!